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#6.07 - "Messin' With The Kid"

"Long Gone" - Chris Cornell
Scene: Teaser. Opening scenes.

"Psychotic Girl" - The Black Keys
Scene: Lucas and Peyton go on "house arrest".; Brooke retrieves her stuff from Sam during Haley's class.; Jamie tells Dan about his bully.; Mouth talks to Milly about work.; Brooke apologizes to Haley.

"Ah Mary (Acoustic)" - Grace Potter
Scene: Haley runs into a woman (played by Grace Potter) who performs songs at the riverwalk.

"When The Stars Go Blue (Acoustic)" - Grace Potter
Scene: The woman sings to Haley and tells her she's a huge fan.

"Pa' bailar" - Bajofondo
Scene: Lucas can't sleep with Peyton in Karen's bed.; Brooke confronts Owen.; Peyton steals Lucas' remote control.

"Fascination Street" - The Cure
Scene: Lucas cuts the power on Peyton's side of the house while she's listening to music.

"Bethlehem" - Hopewell
Scene: Mouth meets his new inter.; Nathan visits Jamie at recess.

"Gypsy Queen" - Kristin Diable
Scene: Sam talks to Brooke about people giving up on her.

"Dreamer" - Uh Huh Her
Album: Common Reaction (Nettwerk)
Scene: Peyton teases Lucas.; Nathan and Haley tuck Jamie in for bed.; Brooke surprises Sam in the car at school.

"Standing Still" - Buddahead
Scene: Owen visits Brooke to apologize for leaving.; Lucas and Peyton call a truce.

"I Want Something That I Want" - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals & Bethany Joy Galeotti
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#6.08 - "Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe"

"Watch Out" - Chris Cornell
Scene: Teaser. Opening scenes at the Slamball arena.

"Let's Dance To Joy Division" - The Wombats
Scene: Milly, Mouth, and Gigi encounter an awkward meeting at the arena.

"Simple Life" - Carolina Liar
Scene: Lucas and Peyton talk about the novel being turned into a film.

"The Last Post" - Extreme Music
Scene: Peyton reunites with Derek at a U.S. Marine ceremony.

"An Ordinary Life" - The Temporary Thing
Scene: Peyton reunites with Derek at a U.S. Marine ceremony.; Mouth and Gigi talk at work.

"When The World Stops Turning" - Matt Pryor
Scene: Peyton and Derek walk through the cemetery.; Haley and Jamie visit Q's grave.

"My Only Offer" - Mates of State
Scene: Lucas visits Brooke at Clothes Over Bro's to talk about his novel becoming a movie.

"Boys Will Be Out For A Fight" - The Filthy Souls
Scene: Nathan tries to talk to Brooke for Owen.; Sam invites Jamie to a late night party.

"An Ordinary Life" - The Temporary Thing
Scene: Lucas meets up with Julian at TRIC.

"Stop!" - Against Me!
Scene: Brooke, Owen, and Milly find Jamie at the party with Sam... in Clothes Over Bro's.

"Stay Down" - The Smoking Popes
Scene: Lucas plays pool with Julian before signing the contract.; Jamie tells Brooke that Sam isn't a bad girl.; Gigi invites Mouth out for drinks.

"Sheets" - Damien Jurado
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#6.09 - "Sympathy for the Devil"

"Can You Tell" - Ra Ra Riot
Scene: Opening scenes: Brooke works on sketches for Peyton's wedding dress while explaining to Sam the conditions of her punishment.

"You've Got Growin' Up To Do" feat. Patty Griffin - Joshua Radin
Scene: FLASHBACK - Peyton meets Julian at the record company.

"It Is Best To Keep It All Inside" - Johnathan Rice
Scene: Nathan and Jamie watch a news segment on him playing in the Slamball championships.; Flashback - Julian and Peyton meet up outside Lucas' book signing.

"I Don't Live In A Dream" - Jackie Greene
Scene: Mouth goes to talk to Nathan at the rivercourt,; Owen gets naked in the back of Brooke's car.; Sam teaches Jamie about Economics.

"Leaving You" - Corey Crowder
Scene: Peyton and Julian break up.; Brooke apologizes to Owen about leaving him stranded.

"Can't Go Back Now" - The Weepies
Scene: Jamie makes money at recess.; Lucas beats Dan's headstone with a shovel.

"Love Song For The Schuba's Bartender" - Margot and The Nuclear So & So's
Scene: Julian and Peyton talk about the reasons behind Julian doing the movie.; Haley has a talk with Jamie about handling money.

"Ugly" - Max Boogie Overdrive
Scene: Nathan faces off with an old basketball rival in Slamball.

"An Ordinary Life" - Juice Monkey
Scene: Nathan faces off with an old basketball rival in Slamball.; Haley talks to Sam about being a good role model.

"Soul Waver" - Malika Ayane
Scene: Lucas finds a picture of Julian and Peyton in his apartment.

"It Means Nothing" - Sterophonics
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.



#6.10 - "Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous"

"Just Because" - Earlimart
Scene: Teaser. Opening scenes: Sam makes breakfast for her and Brooke.; Lucas is "Okay".; Haley tells Nathan not to come to the concert because he has to rest.

"Constantly" - Molly Marlette
Scene: Lucas tells Nathan and Haley about Peyton's past with Julian.; Nathan's finds himself an imaginary friend in the form of Quentin.

"Hello Vagina" - Margot and The Nuclear So & So's
Scene: Milly tells Brooke that she's still a virgin.

"World In Flight" - Enation
Scene: Sam meets Derek backstage at the Marine base.

"All Things You Know" - Blue Judy
Scene: Milly and Mouth talk about his night with Gigi.; Nathan tries to ignore Q while playing a video game,; Haley tells Peyton she can't perform.

"Feel This" - Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
Scene: Haley performs with Enation.; Sam talks to Mia backstage.; Nathan confides in Quentin about him getting hurt scaring Haley and Jamie.; Peyton ignores Julian.; Lucas asks Brooke about Peyton and Julian.

"You Can't Break A Broken Heart" - Kate Voegele
Scene: Mia performs.; Derek and Haley talk about her career and family.; Gigi apologizes to Mouth.; Brooke meets Julian for the first time.

"Suburban Bliss" - Edith Backlund
Scene: Quentin tells Nathan he has a second chance.; Lucas gets confronted by Julian.

"Secret Crowds" - Angels & Airwaves
Scene: Angels & Airwaves perform at the USO concert.; Brooke and Peyton talk about Sam's fear of Brooke giving her up for a new baby.; Milly advises Gigi to stay away from Mouth outside of work.; Brooke reassures Sam.; Lucas tells Peyton he's not working with Julian.

"Lifeline" - Angels & Airwaves
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#6.11 - "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)"

"As Time Goes By" (Theme from Casablanca) - Herman Hupfeld
Scene: Lucas is writing while watching "Casablanca" when Peyton calls from the studio.

"Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)" - Performed by the on-screen band
Scene: Show flashes back to the 1940's - Lucas mingles with Mouth, Brooke, and Nathan at Karen's Cafй.; Haley and Dan have a hostile encounter backstage.

"Karen's Cafe" aka "Hotel Cafe" - Bethany Joy Galeotti of Everly
Scene: Haley performs at Karen's Cafe.; Dan and Lucas get into an arguement.

"I Know" - Meaghan Smith
Scene: Nathan talks to Haley after saving her from a rowdy bar customer.

"Brash Cash" - APM Music
Scene: Lucas sips whiskey.; Mouth stumbles out and falls in the trash.

"Midnight Serenade" - APM Music
Scene: After Lucas says goodbye to Brooke, Skillz informs him that she didn't pay.; Brooke decides to walk home.

"Scheming Star" - Bethany Joy Galeotti of Everly
Scene: Nathan and Haley dance at the cafй and talk about him joining the military.

"Unless" - St. Lola In The Fields
Scene: Nathan and Haley sit at the park where Nathan confesses his true feelings for her.

"Somkey Joe's" - APM Music
Scene: Brooke arrives at Dan's lair to fill him in on Peyton's whereabouts the previous night.

"Mrs. Scott" - Bethany Joy Galeotti of Everly
Scene: Haley and Nathan talk in bed about their future home and child.

"Don't Say" - St. Lola In The Fields
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#6.12 - "You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)"

"The Lucky Ones" - Patrick Park
Scene: Opening scenes.

"Happy Twist" - Elisabeth Yndestad
Scene: Lucas meets with Julian at the diner.; Jamie helps Nathan find sneakers.

"Light Catches Your Face" - Bell X1
Scene: Mouth and Gigi talk about her going away party.; Peyton clashes with Mia over new songs for her album.; Nathan attends private basketball try-outs.

"(Don't You) Forget About Me" - Simple Minds

Scene: Brooke dances around her store just as Julian walks in.

"Anthem" - Born In The Flood
Scene: Montage of Nathan at the try-outs.

"A Hero's Welcome" - Master Source
Scene: An LA director makes quite a first impression on Lucas.

"First Noel" - Jackson Brundage
Scene: Jamie practices the song for his talent show with Haley.

"Cha Cha (Be My New Boyfriend)" - The Spider Problem
Scene: Mouth gives Gigi a present at her party.

"(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady" - Oasis
Scene: Brooke tells Julian that she doesn't trust him.; Mia and Peyton continue to argue about her new album.

"Snake Charmer" - On-camera performance
Scene: Jamie's classmate, Madison, performs a song on the piano at the talent show.

"First Noel" - Jackson Brundage
Scene: Jamie creates a comedic version of the song during the talent show.

"A Falling Through" - Ray LaMontagne
Scene: Sam finds out a painful truth from Jack Daniels.; Lucas talks to Dixon during his massage.; Peyton gets the phone call she's been waiting for.; Sam comes clean to Brooke.

"What Have We Got To Lose" - Aron Wright
Scene: Brooke goes to TRIC looking for Sam.; Milly finds the photo of Gigi on Mouth's phone.

"Devil In Me" - Kate Voegele
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

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#6.13 - "Things A Mama Don't Know"

"Neon Sky" - Starsailor
Scene: Teaser. Peyton tells Lucas she's pregnant.; Nathan finds out he got point guard.; Mouth talks to Skilz about Gigi.; Milly cries at Clothes Over Bro's.; Brooke tries to tell the cops that Sam is missing.

"Hawaii" - Meiko
Scene: Peyton meets Mia at TRIC.; Jamie tells Andre that he'll take him to the cemetery.; Skillz talks to Millicent about Mouth.

"Paper Kite" - Damien Jurado
Scene: Brooke and Peyton talk in the car while looking for Sam.; Sam and Jack try to escape from his brother.

"Into Your Soft Heart" - Everest
Scene: Julian shows up at Clothes Over Bro's to ask Brooke for an update on Sam's disappearance.; Lucas talks to Julian's dad about the director.; Jamie and Andre take a trip to the cemetery.; Nathan is taunted by his new teammates at practice.

"I Don't Feel It Anymore" - William Fitzsimmons
Scene: Millie confesses her secret to Mouth.

"Backwards Walk" - Frightened Rabbit
Scene: Mrs. Fields finds Jamie and Andre at the cemetery.; Chase returns.

"Been A Long Day" - Rosi Golan
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#6.14 - "A Hand To Take Hold of the Scene"

"Sincerely Hope It's You" - Edith Backlund
Scene: Teaser. Sam calls Jack.; Julian shows Brooke the tabloid reports.; Peyton tells Brooke she's pregnant.; Nathan returns home.

"Manhattan From the Sky" - Kate Voegele [on-camera]
Scene: Mia plays a new song for Haley at the recording studio.

"Miss" - Tim Hanauer
Scene: Sam asks Julian about him liking Brooke at the coffee shop before spilling the beans about Peyton's pregnancy.

"Finally" - [on-camera performance]
Scene: Mia arrives for her double-date with Chase, Haley, and Nathan at TRIC.
"Perfect Games" - The Broken West
Scene: Mia meets up with Chase.; Lucas loses his watch to Jamie.

"Can't You Hear Me Growl" - Bosshouse
Scene: Nathan and Chase are called on to do karaoke.

"Bust A Move" - James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti, Jackson Brundage, and Jaden Harmon
Scene: Karaoke! Nathan and Chase perform at TRIC.; Jamie and Andre do a performance for Peyton and Lucas.

"Frankenstein's Niece B" - APM Music
Scene: Jamie and Andre play with Lucas.

"Tell Me Something" - APM Music
Scene: Milly arrives drunk at Mouth's apartment.

"In Debt To The Heart" - Born In The Flood
Scene: Julian looks at Brooke's design for the movie.; Jack talks to Sam about social services.

"Greatest Love Of All" - Cullen Moss and Vaughn Wilson
Scene: Junk and Fergie do karaokee at TRIC.; Nathan and Chase talk about women.

"Behind Your Eyes" - Jon Foreman
Scene: Brooke and Julian talk about their parents.

"Dear You" - Josh Auer
Scene: Mia and Chase end their date with a kiss.; Julian and Brooke end their night together.

"Hazy" - Rosi Golan
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

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Подскажите, пожалуйста, какая это серия какого сезона:
Брук приносит свои письма Лукасу и говорит, как она провела лето(в этот момент звучит такая классная музыка!!!). Заранее огромное спасибо!!!



Это 3-й сезон 9 серия - "For Blue Skies" - Strays Don't Sleep



Haley James Scott 23 написал(а):

"For Blue Skies" - Strays Don't Sleep

а скачать можно тут ;)



Maria Brooke  Мне понравилась песенка 6.19 серия,там где Люк и Нетоном разговаривают и потом показывают Брук песня ближе к 6 минуте начинается.кто поет плиз...Машулик очень понравилась



helen, так как я саму серию не смотрела, могу лишь предположить что это либо Pete Yorn - Thinking Of You, либо The Red West - Today’s Another Nation..



Maria Brooke Спасибки сейчас найду и прослушаю...



Maria Brooke Это песня Pete Yorn - Thinking Of You но не могу найти скачать  :'(  помоги найти плиз!!!



helen написал(а):

помоги найти плиз!!!

эта песня с нового альбома, который появится только 23-го июня этого года. :)



vodka. написал(а):

эта песня с нового альбома, который появится только 23-го июня этого года

спасибки,я это уже выяснила...



Новый альбом Kate Voegele A Fine Mess (качество пока только с Myspace Кейт)





helen написал(а):

Pete Yorn - Thinking Of You

я скачала эту песню,если кому нужна я скину пишите в лс .



Maria Brooke, отличная тема! спасибо за труд)))