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В этой темке я решила выложить список музыки,которая звучала в сериале. С описанием моментов, в которых она играла. Все это можно найти на сайте OTH-music, но по-моему еще гораздо удобнее, когда это все есть на нашем форуме)) Некоторые песенки можно будет даже скачать) Надеюсь, кому-то пригодится)


EP. # 1.00- "Pilot"

"Drift" - Forty Foot Echo
Scene: Opening scenes. Montage - Nathan at the game. / Lucas running. / Peyton driving.

"24's" - T.I.
Scene: The Ravens steal the school bus and go for a joyride with fellow students.

"Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional
Scene: Nathan and Peyton both try to avoid potential car accidents.

"Farewell Transmission (Instrumental)" - Songs: ohia
Scene: Keith walks into Whitey's office to talk about Lucas being on the team.

"Never Enough" – Bosshouse
Scene: Peyton drives by the rivercourt where Lucas and his friends are.

"Your Boyfriend Sucks" - The Ataris
Scene: Peyton's listening to music while working on the computer, when Nathan comes over.

"Money Bags" - Runaway Cab
Scene: Nathan and Tim talk about making "the deal" with Lucas.

"The Aftertaste" - Ben Lee
Scene: Lucas plays basketball at the rivercourt then goes to talk to Nathan.

"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" – Jet
Scene: Nathan, Peyton and Tim are on their way to the park basketball court.

"Lapdance" - N.E.R.D.
Scene: Nathan walks onto the court to begin the game against Lucas.

"What It Is to Burn" – Finch
Scene: Lucas and Nathan play a game of one-on-one.

"Rest In Pieces" – Saliva
Scene: Lucas makes the winning basket in his game against Nathan. An instrumental version of this song is also briefly played earlier in the game.

"EZ" - Pete Yorn
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.01 - "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most"

"I Don't Want To Be" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: First episode that features the theme song "I Don't Want To Be" by Gavin DeGraw.

"Overdue" - The Get Up Kids
Scene: Opening scenes. Lucas talks to the guys at the rivercourt.

"Switchback" – Celldweller
Scene: Whitey benches Lucas during the game.

"Hard to Find" - American Analog Set
Scene: Nathan and Peyton make out in his SUV.

"Beside Me" - Forty Foot Echo
Scene: Dan talks to Nathan about making more shots in the game.

"To Hell With Good Intentions" – McLusky
Scene: Nathan calls to apologize to apologize to Peyton.

"She's Got It So Phat" – Bosshouse
Scene: Peyton and Brooke talk while listening to music in Peyton's room.

"Echo" - Vertical Horizon
Scene: Montage - Mr. Kelly looks at the "one word" answer cards.

"Further" – Longview
Scene: Lucas changes his mind and decides to play in the game.

""Belief" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode

#1.02 - "Are You True?"

"You Own Me" - Sense Field
Scene: Opening scenes - Basketball game.

"Glad to Be Alive" - Low Flying Owls
Scene: Peyton is drawing in her room when she gets a call from THUD Magazine.

"Apologies" – Bosshouse
Scene: Peyton has an interview with THUD Magazine.

"How Good It Can Be" - The 88
Scene: Brooke is getting her legs waxed while talking to Peyton about boyfriends.

"Shoulder" - Cactus Groove
Scene: Nathan calls the cafe looking for Haley. Karen offers her "two cents".

"Hang" - Mojo Monkeys
Scene: Jake stops by Keith's Body Shop to talk to Lucas about the team hazing him.

"Silence Is Easy" – Starsailor
Scene: Montage - Peyton gets her art. Karen at the cafй. Haley and Nathan in class. Lucas at the rivercourt.

"Multiply" - Forty Foot Echo
Scene: Nathan and the team pull Lucas out of the van and throw him in the swamp.

"Stones" - Pete Francis
Scene: Haley goes to Nathan's house to tell him, she'll tutor him...on one condition.

"You Dance" – eastmountainsouth
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.03 - "Crash Into You"

"Free Time" – Kenna
Scene: Brooke, Peyton, Lucas, and Haley arrive at the Scott beach house.

"Hopes and Dreams" – Buva
Scene: Everyone plays a game of "I Never".

"Whatcha Gonna Do" - Sprung Monkey
Scene: Nathan shows a tape of Lucas' mom and Dan at the party.

"Taken For a Ride" - AM Radio
Scene: Brooke and Peyton talk on the stairs during the party.

"Shake It Down" – Bosshouse
Scene: Nathan stops Haley from leaving the party.

"Empty Apartment" – Yellowcard
Scene: Peyton & Nathan have a fight and she wants to know what happen to her car.

"Return to Me" - Matthew Ryan
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

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#1.04 - "Where I End and You Begin" aka "All That You Can't Leave Behind"

"Remedy" - Hot Water Music
Scene: Opening scenes. Peyton speeds through Tree Hill.

""Hard to Find" - American Analog Set
Scene: Outside of Karen's Cafй, Haley tells Lucas the truth about her and Nathan.

"I Was On a Mountain" - Hot Water Music
Scene: Peyton in speeding in her car, Lucas gets in and tries to get her to slow down.

"Want to Be Bad" - Tegan and Sara
Scene: Nathan goes to see Peyton, and ask her to come to the game.

"I Don't Want To Be" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: Lucas and Nathan square off against Dan and Keith during the Father-Son game.

"Glad to Be Alive" - Low Flying Owls
Scene: Peyton is running red lights and almost gets into a car accident.

"Many Rivers to Cross" - Jimmy Cliff
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.05 - "Every Night Is Another Story"

"Cool Kids" - Screeching Weasel
Scene: Peyton is driving while Brooke is covers her ears against the blasting music.

"Holiday" - The Get Up Kids
Scene: Nathan and Lucas hop into a car that won't start. Plays again later on in the episode.

"Impossible" - Lucky Town
Scene: Nathan ask Haley to go to the Raven's away game.

"Seven x Eight" – Anjali
Scene: Brooke holds up a white handkerchief before entering Peyton's room.

"Blueside" – Rooney
Scene: Lucas puts the mix Peyton made for him into his portable CD player. / Basketball game between the Tree Hill Ravens and the Pickerington Pirates.

"Hypocrite" – Jibe
Scene: Nathan gets into the car with the "Things."

"Time Running" - Tegan and Sara
Scene: Peyton, Haley and Brooke are the car. Brooke throws her pom-poms out the window.

"Holiday" - The Get Up Kids
Scene: Peyton is driving while Brooke is covers her ears against the blasting music.

"Headlights" – Dispatch
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.06 - "Life as a Glass House"

"Play It Straight" – Bosshouse
Scene: Deb invites Karen to the party at her house.

"Kennedy" - Kill Hannah
Scene: Brooke and Peyton get ready for the party.

"She's Got It So Phat" – Bosshouse
Scene: Jake is talks to Lucas at the party.

"Pacific Ocean Blues" - Gigolo Aunts
Scene: Lucas goes to talk to Peyton by the swings.

"I'll Always Love You" - Michael Campion
Scene: Brooke announces to Haley that Nathan passed around her note she wrote to him.

"She Will Be Loved" - Maroon 5
Scene: Peyton and Lucas go up to a bedroom and make out.

"Beautiful One" - Jonny Lang
Scene: Lucas goes to the cafй to find a crying Haley.

"Say Yes" - Bryan Greenberg
Scene: Jake sings for his daughter.

"Calling All Angels" – Train
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

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#1.07 - "The Search For Something More"

"Read All About It" - Kyf Brewer
Scene: Is briefly heard when Brooke and Peyton enter the party and are offered drinks.

"Street Survivor" - The Flaming Sideburns
Scene: Is briefly heard when Brooke and Peyton enter the party and are offered drinks.

"Sparks" - The Man
Scene: Brooke meets a random guy at the party named Fitch.

"Bad Circulation" – Witchypoo
Scene: Brooke makes out with the "college guy" she just met.

"No Exit" - Runaway Cab
Scene: Gabe puts on music - Peyton starts to feel the drug he slipped her.

"Did It For The Drugs" – Supafuzz
Scene: Gabe tries to take advantage of Peyton, then Brooke calls.

"Filter Factory" - Dee
Scene: Brooke goes looking throughout the party for Peyton.

"Time" - Runaway Cab
Scene: Scene Unknown.

"Breaking Away" – Bosshouse
Scene: Lucas breaks into Gabe's room to find out what he did to Peyton.

"Dare You To Move" – Switchfoot
Scene: This plays during Nathan and Haley's first kiss.

"Untold" - Pete Francis
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#1.08 - "With Arms Outstretched"

"Hanging On For Hope" - The New Amsterdams
Scene: Nathan pulls Haley into an empty classroom - they share a kiss.

"Push It Up" - Cham Pain
Scene: Nathan works out at the school gym and Lucas tries to talk to him about Whitey.

"Rain King" - Counting Crows
Scene: Lucas and Brooke make out at the bar.

"Shabby Girl" - The Electric Farm
Scene: Lucas is talks to Haley outside the school, he tells her he hooked up with Brooke.

"Yesterdays" – Pennywise
Scene: Ravens basketball game against Cove City -- Nathan collapses on the court.

"Fallen" - Sarah McLachlan
Scene: Nathan goes to Haley's house, to tell her how much she means to him.

"Re-Offender" – Travis
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#1.09 - "You Gotta Go There To Come Back"

"Re-Offender" – Travis
Scene: Opening scenes of the episode. Brooke stops by Lucas' house before school.

"Everything" - Fefe Dobson
Scene: Nathan and Haley lay in bed and talk.

"Be Different" - Lori Denae
Scene: Deb talks to Haley at the cafй about starting up live entertainment.

"Downed" - Cheap Trick
Scene: Brooke goes by Peyton's place and borrows her Polaroid camera.

"Girlfriend" - The Band
Scene: Brooke arrives at the rivercourt to see Lucas.

"Starting All Over" - Jon Elliott
Scene: Haley designs flyers for "Open Mic Night".

"Bullet With Your Name On It" – Lockgroove
Scene: Haley browses through Peyton's CD collection.

"Mindleak" - Bryan Greenberg
Scene: Lucas goes to ask Jake if he wants to play basketball.

"Blue and White" - Beth Waters
Scene: An actress, Brandi Ryan's lip-syncing to Beth's song is heard when Lucas and Brooke arrive at the cafй during "Open Mic Night" and Lucas goes to talk to Deb.

"Lonely World" - Bryan Greenberg
Scene: Jake performs at the cafй and brings his daughter Jenny.

"I Don't Want To Be" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: CODA - Gavin DeGraw performs guest stars and performs at the cafe.

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#1.10 - "The Living Years"

"Harder To Breathe" - Maroon 5
Scene: Brooke and Lucas hook up in a hot tub.

"Simple Again" – Buva
Scene: Deb and Keith's conversation is interrupted by Dan.

"I Met a Girl" – Wheat
Scene: Brooke goes to Peyton for advice about "connecting" with Lucas better.

"Everywhere She Goes" - Across The Sky
Scene: Haley ditches school with Nathan, they go to the Scott beach house and get drunk.

"She's So Pretty" - Kyf Brewer
Scene: Peyton and her father have dinner at Karen's Cafй, Lucas joins them.

"Ship Of Fools" - World Party
Scene: Lucas shows Peyton's dad her comic strip in THUD magazine.

"Avalanche" - Ryan Adams
Scene: Brooke waits for Lucas on his porch outside of his bedroom.

"The Shadowlands" - Ryan Adams
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.11 - "Crash Course In Polite Conversation"

"Overdrive" - Katy Rose
Scene: Peyton shows Brooke and Lucas the car she wants to fix up for her Dad.

"Fools At The Table" - Matt Beckler
Scene: Peyton and Lucas drive to the coroner's office.

"Maybe Tomorrow" – Stereophonics
Scene: Peyton and Lucas hook up at the motel.

"Escape" - Smith Point
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.12 - "Hanging By a Moment"

"The One You Want" - The Get Up Kids
Scene: Lucas talks to Peyton at school about what happened at the motel.

"Inside of Love" - Nada Surf
Scene: Lucas kisses Peyton in the school hallway.

"Everybody Wants You" - Josh Kelley
Scene: Haley ask Lucas for help with her "free throw."

"Leaving Trains" - James William Hindle
Scene: Keith talks to Deb about Dan and where things are headed between the two of them.

"Don't Confess (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)" - Tegan & Sara
Scene: Brooke confesses to Peyton that she's falling for Lucas.

"All I Can Do" - Sandstrom Thomas
Scene: Peyton goes to see Haley at Karen's Cafй to ask her for some advice.

""Pink Bullets" - The Shins
Scene: Montage: Keith puts out flowers, Whitey at the cemetery, Nathan looking through the folder from Whitey and Haley in gym class.

"Brief Intermission" - Rob Momary
Scene: Dan and Carrie get ready for dinner.

"Most Of The Time" - Josh Canova
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

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#1.13 - "I Shall Believe"

"Swingset Chain" - Loquat
Scene: Peyton goes to talk to Haley at her house.

"Higher Than The Sun" -  Susan Calloway
Scene: Peyton visits Haley at the cafй and ask why she's not at the hospital.

"Come Home Delilah" -  The Squirts
Scene: Nathan goes to talk to Haley at the cafй, but she won't listen to what he has to say.

"The Getaway" - The Red Thread
Scene: Brooke goes over Peyton's to ask if she wants to get a bite to eat.

"I Shall Believe" - Sheryl Crow
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#1.14 - "Suddenly Everything Has Changed"

"Here Without You" - Jenn Shepard
Scene: Lucas comes home from the hospital -- and breaks up with Brooke.

"If She Wants Me" - Belle & Sebastian
Scene: Lucas has a dream about Peyton and Brooke.

"Come On" - Ben Jelen
Scene: Haley leaves Lucas' room as Peyton arrives.

"Been Around The World" -  Extreme Music
Scene: Nathan and Haley talk in her room about "trying different things."

"Alien" - Arco
Scene: Karen goes to talk to Keith at the body shop.

"It's You That I Find" - David Grahame
Scene: Jake starts first day working at Karen's Cafй.

"I Can't Make Me" - Butterfly Boucher
Scene: Peyton's drawing, while talking on IM with Lucas.

"Need You Here" - Jude
Scene: Brooke and Karen put together a scrapbook. Lucas goes over to Peyton's.

"Lucky Man" - Thomas Anderson
Scene: Karen gives Jenny a crib at the cafй.

"Dreaming" - The Luxury Liners
Scene: Peyton tells Lucas they should just go back to being friends.

"Elsewhere" - Bethany Joy
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

#1.15 - "The First Cut Is The Deepest"

"Big Ballin' (Above The Rim)" - Bigg Blue
Scene: Nathan pulls up to the school in his new car.

"Never Like This" - Buva
Scene: Karen, Haley and Lucas are eating dinner at the cafй.

"There Goes The Neighborhood" - Sheryl Crow
Scene: Lucas enters the bar where he encounters a mysterious girl.

"Parking" - The Fuzz
Scene: Lucas begins talks with the girl he meets at the bar, she shows him a magic trick.

"Home" - Sheryl Crow
Scene: Lucas and the woman are still talking, he tells her about Brooke and Peyton.

"Bleed" - Stone Dogs/GG
Scene: Brooke and Peyton go looking for Lucas at the bar.

"Lucky Kid" - Sheryl Crow
Scene: Nicki and Lucas make out on a carousel.

"Tell Your Story Walking" - Deb Talan
Scene: Lucas and Nikki eat and chat at the cafй.

"He'll Be Around" -  Boss Martians
Scene: Peyton and Brooke argue at the bar.

"Don't Forget" - Kid Gloves
Scene: Karen talks to Deb about becoming business partners.

"Breaking Away" - Bosshouse
Scene: Nathan is playing a video game when Deb walks in to talk to him.

"Nothing" - Smashtrax
Scene: Nathan talks to Haley about not wanting to live with either of his parents.

"It's Only Love" - Sheryl Crow
Scene: Nathan confronts Deb. Lucas goes to see Brooke.

"The First Cut Is The Deepest" - Sheryl Crow
Scene: CODA - Sheryl Crow performs for Nathan and Haley at the cafe.

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#1.16 - "Spirit In The Night"

"One In Every Crowd" - Viva Voce
Scene: Haley tells Nathan she'll be joining him on the trip. Brooke critiques the cheerleaders.

"Shadows Cast a Lie" - James William Hindle
Scene: Karen and Deb talk at the cafй.

"Looking For a Reason" - Paul Trudeau
Scene: The basketball team and cheerleaders get on the bus and head to Charlotte.

"Slam" - Midnight to Twelve
Scene: Lucas listens to music in the hotel room.

"Good Girl, Bad Boy" - Junior Senior
Scene: The girls practice in the hotel lobby. Mouth shows the cheerleaders what kind of competition they're up against.

"Shake Yer Booty" - APM Music
Scene: Jake, Lucas, Tim and Nathan hang out at the strip club. Jake mentions to Lucas that Jenny's mom came back.

"Big Man On The Block" - Black Toast
Scene: The male strippers come out!

"Get Naked" - Black Toast
Scene: The cheerleaders chill out in the hot tub.

"Mix It Up" - Master Source
Scene: The Bear Creek Warriors perform in the competition.

"Kung Fu Fighting" - Bus Stop feat. Carl Douglas
Scene: The Tree Hill Ravens cheerleaders perform in the competition.

"100 Years" - Five For Fighting
Scene: The kids getting off the bus, returning home.

"All Kinds Of Time" - Fountains Of Wayne
Scene: CODA - End montage of scenes.

#1.17 - "To Wish Impossible Things"

"Big Brat" - Phantom Planet
Scene: The Boy Toy auction begins!

"Push It Up" - Cham Pain
Scene: Tim "dances" his way down the runway.

"You Can Leave Your Hat On" - Tom Jones
Scene: Jake makes his way down the runaway dressed up as a raven.

"Fo Sho" - Master Source
Scene: Lucas dances, well does "the robot" as girls bid on him.

"Ladies Night" - Kool & the Gang
Scene: Nathan's turn to strut down the auction runway.

"Nothing Can Change It" - David Grahame
Scene: Larry goes to Karen's Cafй to ask her to dinner.

"Without You" - Tyrone Wells
Scene: Larry and Karen have dinner at his house.

"You Bring Me" - Pop
Scene: Brooke & Mouth have their "date" at a trendy night club.

"Note To Self: Don't Die" - Ryan Adams
Scene: This song is during while flashing between scenes of Peyton & Nathan playing in the pool and Lucas & Haley having a water/milk balloon fight.

"It's Over Now" - Ricky Fantй
Scene: Tim goes to the Scott house to enjoy what he thinks is a date with Deb.

"Call Me Crazy" - Marla Sokoloff
Scene: Brooke & Mouth talk in the limo.

"Been Around The World" -  Extreme Music
Scene: While, Mouth dances with some girls at the club. Brooke has an uncomfortable encounter with a random guy she hooked up with.

"Just Be Simple" - Songs: ohia
Scene: CODA - End montage of scenes.

#1.18 - "How Can You Be Sure?"

"Someone Like You" - Master Source
Scene: Deb is exercising as Dan walks in.

"Coming Undone" - Highwater Rising
Scene: Lucas talks to Peyton after Brooke refuses to talk to him at school.

"Spitting Games" - Snow Patrol
Scene: Haley polishes her nails while she talks to Peyton about having sex with Nathan.

"Wrecking Ball" - Viva Voce
Scene: Nicki confronts Peyton at school about staying away from Jenny and Jake. Peyton tries to talk to Brooke.

"Broken" - Hathaway
Scene: Keith tells Karen he's planning to leave Tree Hill.

"Heaven" - The Fire Theft
Scene: Haley and Nathan talk at the bus stop.

"Love In December" - Club 8
Scene: Brooke tells Lucas she's not pregnant.

"Everybody Hurts" - Dashboard Confessional
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.



#1.19 - "What Is and What Should Never Be"

"Get Your Soul Freak On" - Bosshouse
Scene: Opening scenes of Nathan's apartment.

"Throw My Heart Away" - Black Toast
Scene: Karen gives Keith the tie she bought him and they talk at the cafй.

"Tested By History" - Hoy
Scene: Lucas goes over Peyton's place to pick her up for the party.

"Luzer" - Super Bright Lights
Scene: Nathan trying to work at his new job "Hot & Twisted."

"Coming Back To You" - Black Toast
Scene: Deb receives her divorce papers at the cafй.

"Yo Money" - Bosshouse
Scene: Getting ready to get the party started.

"Spitting Games" - Snow Patrol
Scene: Haley polishes her nails while she talks to Peyton about having sex with Nathan.

"Party All Night" - Menotti
Scene: Party at Nathan's apartment.

"Fire In The Pouring Rain" - The Blackouts
Scene: Brooke makes a new friend at the Blue Post bar...Nicki.

"Bring It On" - Master Source
Scene: Haley tries to keep the party from getting out of hand.

"I Believe In a Thing Called Love" - The Darkness
Scene: Brooke and Nicki cause problems at Nathan & Haley's party.

"What Do You Want" - The Defendants
Scene: An argument breaks out between Nicki and Peyton.

"What's Your Number?" - Cypress Hill
Scene: Peyton and Nicki get caught up in an out-of-control catfight.

"Apart" - The Cure
Scene: Brooke spends the night at Peyton's house after they patch things up.

"The Wish" - Josh Canova
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode

#1.20 - "The Leaving Song"

"I Can't Steal You" - Matthew Ryan
Scene: Peyton gets ready for school in her room. Her dad tells her he's going to the Keys for a few weeks.

"Through The Blue" - Evan & Jaron
Scene: Lucas goes to Keith to ask the truth about Dan wanting joint custody of him.

"No Tomorrow" - The Blackouts
Scene: Haley works on Nathan's laptop when she discovers something disturbing.

"Revelry" - Sea Ray
Scene: Karen tells Dan how upset she is that he's bringing up things from the past to Lucas.

"I Have Found Mine" - The Blackouts
Scene: Haley visits Peyton and they talk about Nathan and what she found on his computer.

"Time and Time Again" - Chronic Future
Scene: Nathan and Lucas work out in the school gym.

"Thrown Away" - Vast
Scene: Dan lets the team know he'll be their new coach and begins to make them work too hard. Something Lucas isn't ready for.

"Once In Awhile" - Gigolo Aunts
Scene: Peyton talks to Jake about him and Jenny leaving Tree Hill and catching the boat with her dad for the Keys.

"Suffering" - Satchel
Scene: Getting ready to get the party started.

"Don't Take Your Love Away" - Vast
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

#1.21 - "The Games That Play Us"

"To You Alone" - The Beta Band
Scene: Opening basketball scene and flashbacks of Lucas and Nathan at the river court.

"More Than Anyone" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: Nathan and Haley's "rain kiss" in front of her in house.

"The Way You Talk" - Faraci
Scene: Brooke tells Nicki that she will betray Peyton and tell her where Jake took Jenny.

"Evening Star" - All India Radio
Scene: This is heard as an instrumental cue when Karen goes to see Keith at his apartment.

"Breaking Away" - Bosshouse
Scene: Peyton and Brooke discuss their plan for Nicki at the bar.

"Nobody's Perfect" - Dioas
Scene: Lucas and Haley walk through a cemetery, and he tells her he's moving.

"Stay" - Michelle Featherstone
Scene: Nathan confronts Dan in the locker room after the game. Keith goes to see Deb and Lucas visits Whitey at the hospital.

"Where Are We Runnin'?" - Lenny Kravitz
Scene: Brooke plays the little trick (that her and Peyton planned) on Nicki.

"NYC Weather Report" - Five For Fighting
Scene: Nathan goes to the river court to say "goodbye" to Lucas.

"Run" - Snow Patrol
Scene: CODA - Season finale cliffhanger.
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Все это можно найти на сайте OTH-music, но по-моему еще гораздо удобнее, когда это все есть на нашем форуме

+ многие из песен, что тут выложены можно сразу скачать)

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Понимаю,что оффтоп,но не смогла удержаться...   :blush:  Maria Brooke,огромное тебе спасибо за эту темку и за музыку! Просто осчастливила!  :music:



Maria Brooke написал(а):

многие из песен, что тут выложены можно сразу скачать)

Ага...уже допёрла...праздники как никак..вот и протормозила...Спасиб)) :cool:




EP. # 2.01

"See Me" - Rob Giles
Scene: Opening scenes at Dan's funeral.

"Empty Apartment" - Yellowcard
Scene: Lucas meets up with Keith at the beach in Charleston. / Karen sees a young boy playing basketball down the street that resembles Lucas. / Peyton writes the lyrics to "Empty Apartment" on her wall.

"Take Your Mama" - Scissor Sisters
Scene: Brooke and Peyton take off and go joy-riding in Brooke's father's boat.

"She Will Be Loved" - Maroon 5
Scene: Nathan proposes to Haley in a flashback scene.

"Silence" - Gomez
Scene: Brooke and Peyton chill out on the boat. Brooke flashes a group of guys.

"Just As Well" - Emily Sparks
Scene: Karen and Haley talk about Deb and Haley's marriage at the cafй.

"Lie In The Sound" - Trespassers William
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.02

"My Heart" - The Perishers
Scene: Opening scene - Lucas is lying on the ground at the rivercourt listening to his iPod.

"Float On" - Modest Mouse
Scene: Brooke and Peyton discuss Haley's reasons for marrying Nathan. Brooke signs Peyton up to LustFactor.com.

"Life Is Good" - Junk
Scene: Haley & Lucas talk about her marrying Nathan. Brooke takes pictures of Peyton.

"Make It Up To You" - Bosshouse
Scene: Brooke demonstrates her chair game to everyone setting up for the party.

"Art" - Lounge
Scene: Peyton gets mad that Brooke posted pictures of her butt online at LustFactor.com

"Copper Moon" - Tom Freund
Scene: Haley's parents comfort her while she sobs over her confrontation with Deb. Keith stops by Karen's house to return Lucas' iPod.

"Watching Rainbows" - the Badge
Scene: Brooke takes pictures of Peyton in the shower to post on LustFactor.com.

"Headsprung" - LL Cool J
Scene: Lucas takes pictures at the party. Nathan and Haley arrive at their reception.

"HipHop Don't Stop" - Cobalt Party Revolution
Scene: Deb arrives at the party. Peyton meets a guy from Lust Factor.

"Mirror" - Erica C.
Scene: Haley's parents tell her and Nathan that they're leaving town and selling the house.

"Real Love" - Toby Lightman
Scene: Whitey brings Nathan and Haley a baby blanket. Haley confronts Brooke on the "pregnancy issue."

"The Distance" - Coby Brown
Scene: Peyton and Brooke tell Lucas what they did with the letter. Keith tells Karen he'll be back in town for awhile to take care of Dan's business.

"Everybody's Changing" - Keane
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.03

"Bridge the Tunnel" - The Honorary Title
Scene: Peyton, Brooke and Haley put the "Naley" wedding collage up on the wall. Tim flips through the yellow pages for a stripper.

"Satellite" - Junk
Scene: Tim tries to convince Nathan to get a stripper for his post-bachelor party.

"Keep You Receipt" - Cobalt Party Revolution
Scene: The gang is sitting around discussing plans for the bachelor party.

"C'mon" - Go Betty Go
Scene: Haley, Brooke & Peyton cruise in the limo and have champagne.

"Word Up" - Korn
Scene: Peyton and Brooke's friends model some lingerie at the shop.

"Shake Dat Sh**" - Shawnna feat. Ludacris
Scene: The girls party in the limo and give Haley a fake I.D.

"Bang Stranger" - MC G-Nutz
Scene: The "mechanic"/ male stripper dances for the girls. Tim gets arrested.

"Let's Get It Started" - Black Eyed Peas
Scene: The girls party in the limo with the male stripper.

"Fit But You Know It" - The Streets
Scene: Haley, Brooke, Peyton, their friends and the stripper drive by Nathan and Haley's apartment.

"Bad Habits" - Michael Tolcher
Scene: Lucas talks to Nathan about the pictures Lucas found in Dan's desk.

"Mirror" - Erica C.
Scene: Brooke's credit cards don't work at the strip club. The stripper shows up at Naley's apartment and tries to seduce Nathan.

"Roll With Dub" - Double Owe
Scene: Brooke reviews the bill and since she can't pay -- she ask the owner for an alternate payment plan.

"Kill" - Jimmy Eat World
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.



EP. # 2.04

"Angel" - Lo-Tel
Scene: Brooke wakes up to find Felix skinny dipping in her pool.

"Fire At Will" - The Other Guys
Scene: Peyton stops by the cafe to talk to Karen.

"Ever After" - The Other Guys
Scene: Lucas overhears Deb talking to Karen about how Dan's doing.

"13 States" - Michael Meanwhile
Scene: Brooke confronts Felix at school for taking her parking spot.

"Big Days" - PMG
Scene: Peyton tries on clothes at the lingerie shop.

"There's Something Better" - Hathaway
Scene: Brooke tells Peyton the truth about why she's suddenly broke.

"At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet" - Head Automatica
Scene: Felix races his car against Lucas and Dan.

"Raise Your Hands" - PMG
Scene: Brooke tries to steal a bra from the lingerie shop.

"All I Want From You Is Love" - Let's Go Sailing
Scene: Dan and Deb talk about their marriage and Nathan.

"Sway" - The Perishers
Scene: Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.05

"16 Below" - Light FM
Scene: Felix, Brooke, Haley, Peyton, Tim, Nathan, Lucas, Skills, Mouth and Fergie all get envelopes with their names on them in their lockers, then meet up at the cafe to find out what it's all about.

"Endless Shovel" - Rogue Wave
Scene: Karen walks in Andy's office while he's putting up a picture of the Constantines "Shine a Light" album cover.

"Welcome to the Movement" - Dee
Scene: The gang meets up at the mall to get started with "Dare Night."

"the keys to life vs. 15 minutes of fame" - Atmosphere
Scene: Lucas returns his clothes at the mall. Mouth takes hits by baseballs at the batting cages while Fergie and Skills take pictures.

"Everything Is" - Nectar
Scene: Tim gets a "special" full-body hair wax.
"Funny Little Feeling" - Rock-N-Roll Soldiers
Scene: Heard during a montage of scenes of the gang doing their dares.

"Good Time" - Walkie Talkie
Scene: Anna and Lucas talk in the her car.

"I'm Sorry" - Black Toast
Scene: Brooke meets back up with Felix at the cafй.

"Baby Got Back" - Lee Norris as "Mouth"
Scene: Mouth, Skills and Fergie perform at a karaoke bar as one of their dares.

"Somersault" - Zero 7
Scene: Lucas and Anna talk, then take pictures in a photo booth at an arcade.

"Dare You To Move" - Switchfoot
Scene: Lucas walks Anna to her car.

"Hey Sugar" - D'Lovely
Scene: The gang meet back up with each other at the end of the night at the cafe.

"Collide" - Howie Day
Scene: Heard during the ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.06

"Waiting For The Sun" - The Shore
Scene: Opening scenes with Lucas, it's heard during Lucas' literary quote.

"The Wind Blew All Around Me" - Mary Lou Lord
Scene: Peyton meets Chris (Tyler Hilton) when she goes to the record store to post fliers for auditions.

"Alive and Amplified" - The Mooney Suzuki
Scene: Brooke and Felix hook up in the school janitors closet.

"Stay With Me Tonight" - Wonderlife
Scene: Anna goes to talk to Lucas at the river court.

"Let Me Fall" - Bethany Joy Lenz as 'Haley' | read the lyrics
Scene: Nathan emails Peyton an mp3 of Haley's song.

"Glad" - Tyler Hilton as 'Chris'
Scene: Chris "auditions" at the club for Peyton and Haley.

"Sun and Stars" - Michael Meanwhile
Scene: Karen and Andy take a walk in his garden. Brooke and Felix talk in her bedroom and Whitey looks at the picture from his 500th win.

"So Beautiful" - Pete Murray
Scene: A montage of scenes with the gang all watching the meteor shower.

"Mid November" - Jonathan Rice
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes of the episode.

EP. # 2.07

"You're At The Top (Hit List)" - High City Miles
Scene: Peyton goes by the CD store to ask Chris if he'll perform at the club.

"Hey Emma Lou" - Brett Walker
Scene: Peyton and Haley run into a "charitable" Brooke at school.

"On To You" - Day and Night
Scene: Keith calls Jules to ask her out on a date.

"Anything For You" - Luther Russell
Scene: Dan stops by the cafй to apologize to Karen.

"All The Time" - D Note
Scene: Brooke goes shopping with Haley for a dress to wear to the opening of Karen and Peyton's all-ages club, "TRIC."

"Alive and Amplified" - The Mooney Suzuki
Scene: The opening of the club "TRIC"!

"Walkie Talkie Man" - Steriogram
Scene: Haley freaks out about performing at the club. Andy finally meets Lucas.

"The Death Of American Radio" - Radio 4
Scene: Keith introduces Deb to his girlfriend Jules.

"Dance Floor" - Star
Scene: Plays while people dance at the club.

"Let Me Fall" - Bethany Joy Lenz as 'Haley' | read the lyrics
Scene: Haley performs her song at "TRIC".

"Stop The World" - Riddlin' Kids
Scene: Lucas and Felix get into a fist-fight.

"Just A Lonely Boy" - Lazy Stars
Scene: Karen talks to Andy before closing up for the night at the club.

"Proof" - I Am Kloot
Scene: CODA - Ending moments of the episode.



EP. # 2.08

"Fireball" - Paul Trudeau
Scene: Felix and Brooke sneak over to her house early in the morning to hook-up.

"Did I Lose You There?" - Silver
Scene: Chris ask Haley if she wants to come to the studio and record some tracks.

"Holiday" - Doktor Kosmos
Scene: Lucas and Nathan drive to Charlotte, and listen to a stuck cassette tape on the way.

"When The Stars Go Blue" - Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz | read the lyrics
Scene: Chris and Haley record a song at the studio together.
"Time Keeps Turning" - The Vents
Scene: Keith and Jules run into Karen and Andy at a restaurant.

"Give It Up" - Midtown
Scene: Nathan and Lucas watch the Charlotte Bobcats and the Blazers basketball game.

"Sparkle Me" - Buffseeds
Scene: The girls have a slumber party at Nathan and Haley's apartment.

"Gone To Earth" - American Analog Set
Scene: The girls have a slumber party at Nathan and Haley's apartment.

"No Reason" - Sum 41
Scene: The girls engage in a crazy pillow fight.

"Testing" - Nolan
Scene: Haley and Brooke eat ice cream for breakfast while Anna and Peyton talk.

"Holiday" - Doktor Kosmos
Scene: Lucas and Nathan talk, and "sing along" to the tape on the ride home.

"When The Stars Go Blue" - Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz | read the lyrics
Scene: Haley listens to the song that she did with Chris on the laptop.

"Every Ship Must Sail Away" - Blue Merle
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.09

"Shining Stars" - Morella's Forest
Scene: Haley wakes Nathan up with breakfast in bed.

"(I'm Gonna) Steal Your Girlfriend" - Teen Machine
Scene: Peyton and Brooke go shopping for Brooke's dress to wear to the formal.

"Higher" - Vegas De Milo
Scene: Rick stops by TRIC to give Peyton something.. which includes cocaine.

"When The Stars Go Blue" - Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz | read the lyrics
Scene: Chris and Haley record a song at the studio together.

"What You Waiting For?" - Gwen Stefani
Scene: Lucas, Anna and Mouth arrive at the Tree Hill Formal.

"Hope Springs Eternal" - John Gold
Scene: Everyone dances at the formal.

"Let's Go" - The Rag City Dolls
Scene: Everyone dances at the formal.

"You're A Day" - Mitchell
Scene: Nathan dances and talks with his mom, Deb.

"The First Single" - The Format
Scene: Everyone dances at the formal.
"Allot Like You" - Pete Droge
Scene: Peyton runs into Karen in the ladies room.

"All My Life" - Vegas De Milo
Scene: Nathan and Haley fight at Nathan's parents beach house.

"Be Be Your Love" - Rachael Yamagata
Scene: Lucas turns down Anna's invitation to take advantage of the night and have sex.

"Trying" - Master Source
Scene: Various scenes at the beach house.

"Runaway" - Trailer Park Pam
Scene: Peyton has a breakdown in her bathroom and is tempted to do cocaine again.

"Start It Over Again" - Thornhill Broom Exp.
Scene: Lucas and Brooke talk on the beach.

"Rowing Song" - Patty Griffin
Scene: CODA - Ending scenes.

EP. # 2.10

"How To Be Dead" - Snow Patrol
Scene: Brooke walks out of her house to find that her car windshield has been smashed.

"When It Comes" - Tyler Hilton
Scene: Chris is strumming on his guitar in the recording studio when Nathan stops by.

"Life's Disease" - Stutterfly
Scene: Peyton tries to call her father, but she can't reach him. Lucas comes over her house to see if she's alright.

"Sideways" - Citizen Cope
Scene: Lucas confronts Dan. Anna goes to Peyton's house to apologize.

"Re-Gaining Unconsciousness" - NOFX [This song is NOT heard in the episode.]
Scene: Peyton and Anna quote the song.

"Shoot Your Gun" - 22-20's
Scene: Montage of scenes: Felix looking at something Brooke did to his car. Peyton spray painting her shirt and wearing it to school.

"When It Comes" - Tyler Hilton
Scene: Chris is playing his guitar & singing in the recording studio when Haley comes by.

"Pills" - The Perishers
Scene: Anna stops by TRIC to talk to Peyton.

"23" - Jimmy Eat World
Scene: End montage/episode closing.

EP. # 2.11

"I Don't Want To Be" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: An instrumental of the song plays during a recap of scenes from this season.

"Gather the Horses" - Charlie Mars
Scene: Played during a montage of scenes, including: Felix with Brooke in her room while Lucas looks on from a distance and walks away. Nathan waiting for Haley back at the apartment. Haley saying goodbye to Chris at the bus station and Peyton with Rick & Jake.

"One Against the Sun" - D'Lovely
Scene: Instrumental plays. [Naley's apartment]

"Sit Still" - Public
Scene: Anna stops by Peyton's room and the two share a kiss.

"Overdue" - The Get Up Kids
Scene: Anna stops by Peyton's room and the two share a kiss.

"Skyline Drive" - Mae
Scene: Jake and Peyton talk in her room.

"Return To Me" - Matthew Ryan
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.



EP. # 2.12

"Whatcha Gonna Do" - High City Miles
Scene: Upset that Lucas refuses to take the HCM test, Karen removes everything from Lucas' room to make him completely uncomfortable until he takes the test.

"Glad" (acoustic) - Tyler Hilton as 'Chris'
Scene: Taylor is listening to Chris' song on the lap-top before Haley comes in and shuts it off.

"South" - Mark Geary
Scene: Lucas and Anna talk about what's going on between Jules, Dan and Keith.

"Finding Out True Love Is Blind" - Louis XIV
Scene: Keith invites Jules to dinner at Dan and Deb's house.

"Wreck of the Day" - Anna Nalick
Scene: Nathan stops by the cafe to tell Haley the truth about his past with Taylor.

"Clear My Head" - Ivy
Scene: Nathan talks to Haley back at their apartment about Taylor.

"No Right Angles" - Ben Lee
Scene: Anna talks to Lucas at the riverfront about taking the HCM test. Felix helps Brooke with the protest against the crab restaurant working conditions.

"Be Mine" - Tim Cullen
Scene: Taylor and Haley talk on the apartment terrace about her feelings for Chris and Nathan.

"Begin" - Ben Lee
Scene: This song is heard during the usual montage of scenes that close the episode.

EP. # 2.13

"Trapped In" - Division of Laura Lee
Scene: Felix takes pictures of Brooke for her Student Council President campaign posters.

"Want You To Come Over" - Jim McGorman
Scene: Lucas tells Karen his HCM test results and that he wants to move in with Dan.

"Alright" - Pilate
Scene: Keith goes to talk to Karen about his engagement to Jules.

"Lost My Way" - Face
Scene: Karen talks to Andy about Lucas' decision to move in with Dan and Keith's engagement. Brooke ask Lucas what she should do about the school campaign rumors and Peyton gives the great news that The Wreckers will play at TRIC.

"Broken" - Dalton Grant
Scene: Haley arrives at TRIC and ask Peyton to take her backstage to meet Michelle Branch.

"When It Comes" - Tyler Hilton
Scene: Chris is strumming on his guitar in the recording studio when Nathan stops by.

"The Good Kind" - The Wreckers (Jessica Harp & Michelle Branch)
Scene: The Wreckers perform. This is also the song they were singing acapella when Haley met them backstage. This song is exclusively on the One Tree Hill soundtrack.

"She Has No Time" - Keane
Scene: This song is heard during the usual montage of scenes that close the episode.

EP. # 2.14

"Still You" - John Doe
Scene: Peyton gets ready, and Jake thinks Jenny's sick.

"Get Through This" - Low Five
Scene: Haley calls Lucas from a club on the tour.

"Alive With Pleasure" - Viva Voce
Scene: At the high school.

"Walk Into the Sun" - Dirty Vegas
Scene: Ending montage of scenes.



EP. # 2.15

"Where Happiness Lives" - Magnet
Scene: Jake meets up with Peyton to tell her he can't live with her anymore. Karen talks to Andy about the situation with Dan and Lucas. Lucas gives Brooke a present.

"Genius" - Inara George
Scene: Brooke helps Peyton decided on a outfit for her date with Jake.

"I Predict A Riot" - Kaiser Chiefs
Scene: Felix throws a party for Brooke to congratulate her win as Student Council President.
"Club Foot" - Kasabian
Scene: Nathan takes Lucas' car for a drive and lands himself in trouble with the cops.

"Do You Feel Love" - People People
Scene: Jake's time capsule testimonial and fades into Peyton and Jake's date.

"Enjoy" (Instrumental) - Teen Machine
Scene: Mouth and Anna go to the high school to record over Anna's time capsule testimonial.

"Flying High" - Jem
Scene: Mouth and Anna watch Brooke's testimonial.

"Looking For Love" - Michelle Featherstone
Scene: Peyton and Jake make out in her room. Dan talks to Jules at the church.

"Deep" (Instrumental) - Citizen Cope
Scene: Lucas goes to Nathan's apartment after they're bailed out. Felix stops by Brooke's room.

"You've Changed" - Bettie Serveert
Scene: CODA - End montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.16

"I'm Not the One" - Gigolo Aunts feat. Kid Lightning
Scene: Lucas runs into Keith at the church. Haley calls Nathan to tell him that she and Chris will be doing a television interview.

"Cry" - Wonderful Johnson
Scene: Karen and the staff at the cafй prepare food for the wedding reception. Andy stops by with news about Dan's "affair" with Emily.

"Broke the Furniture" - Earlimart
Scene: Brooke goes by Peyton's and they talk about Felix, Lucas and where Peyton's relationship is headed with Jake.

"Sidewalks (Acoustic)" - Story of the Year
Scene: Montage: Everyone gets ready for the wedding. / Jake and Peyton make love.

"Chariot" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: Nathan watches a "TRL" inspired show called "Totally Live Week" that Haley and Chris will be appearing on. "Chariot" is played on the pretend countdown.

"Sleepers Awake" - Bach
Scene: Briefly plays before Karen goes to talk to "Jules"/Emily Chambers.

"Trumpet Concerto Opus 9, No 2, 2nd Movement" - Albinoni
Scene: Deb and Karen walk down the aisle as Jules' bridesmaids.

"Wedding March (Traditional)" - Peter Lea-Cox
Scene: Everyone awaits for Jules to walk down the aisle.

"Now That You're Gone" - Ryan Adams
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.17

"To Jenny" - Sorta
Scene: Flashback: Nathan and Haley take a shower before their wedding reception.

"Sweet Little Bay" - Sorta
Scene: Lucas talks to Karen at the cafй, and mentions that he's not moving back home.

"Just a Little Bit More" - Madison Rose
Scene: Flashback: Nathan and Haley record their answering machine message.

"Long Black" - Gus Black
Scene: Karen, Andy, Peyton & Jake talk at the cafй about the custody of Jenny.

"Back Of The Church" - Michelle Featherstone
Scene: Peyton talks to Brooke about her moving, and tells her who defaced her locker. / Brooke breaks up with Felix; Lucas tells Dan he's not moving out.

"Lie In The Sound" - Trespassers William
Scene: Flashback: Nathan carries Haley over the threshold right after they got married.

"Chariot (Unreleased Live Version)" - Gavin DeGraw
Scene: Nathan walks backstage at the Austin Club where Haley will be performing.

"What Are You Afraid Of?" - West Indian Girl
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.



EP. # 2.18

"Broken" - Dalton Grant
Scene: Taylor calls Nathan from her new job at a bar called the "Swinging Donkey."

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" - The Charlie Daniels Band
Scene: Taylor ends her phone call with Nathan.

"Girl Is On My Mind" - The Black Keys
Scene: Nathan arrives at the "Swinging Donkey."

"I Got More Bills Than I Can Pay" - Black Toast
Scene: Nathan and Taylor take shots (drink) at the bar.

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" - The Charlie Daniels Band
Scene: Taylor jumps on the counter with the other bartenders for a very "Coyote Ugly" dance.

"New Light Of Tomorrow" - Huskey Rescue
Scene: Whitey shows up at Nathan's apartment to talk to Jake.

"What's On Your Mind?" - Black Toast
Scene: Nathan and Taylor talk and then head up to her apartment.

"Sugar Pill" - Ambulance LTD
Scene: Nathan and Taylor get ready to hook up - but don't.

"Disarmed" - The Belles
Scene: Anna comes out to her parents. Jake prepares to leave.

"Coming Clean" - Tamara Bedricky
Scene: Nathan says goodbye to Taylor, and she gives him some advice about Haley.

"Try and Understand" - Montana Shane
Scene: Anna and Lucas play one final game of "H.O.R.S.E." before she leaves.

"Who's To Say" - Vanessa Carlton
Scene: CODA - End montage of closing scenes.

EP. # 2.19

"Sucker" - Damien Jurado
Scene: Montage of scenes with Deb, Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, Nathan and Haley laying in their beds.

"Chemical Burns" - Every Move A Picture
Scene: Lucas, Nathan and Uncle Cooper arrive at the speedway.

"On the 54" - The Dandelions
Scene: Daytona takes Lucas, Nathan and Garrett for a ride on the track.

"Son's Gonna Rise" - Citizen Cope
Scene: Deb puts on some music at TRIC and dances around with Peyton, Brooke and Karen.

"When The Stars Go Blue (Acoustic)" - Schuyler Fisk as "Daytona"
Scene: Daytona sings for Lucas and Nathan at a campfire in the middle of the racetrack.

"Irrelevant" - Matthew Ryan
Scene: Peyton tears out pages in her address book of people who have left.

"Sucker Train Blues" - Velvet Revolver
Scene: Uncle Cooper, Lucas, Nathan & Daytona all race.

"Like a Man Possessed" - The Get Up Kids
Scene: Nathan goes off driving on his own and crashed into a wall.

"Sunshine and Cinnamon" - Kid Lightning
Scene: Whitey goes over Peyton's house to talk about Jake and Jenny.

"Abilene" - Damien Jurado
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.20

"Hard To Love A Man" - Magnolia Electric Co.
Scene: Lucas wakes up, puts on his headphones and goes downstairs to the kitchen.

"Hands Down" - Dashboard Confessional
Scene: Lucas nearly crashes his car into Nathan, who's on foot.

"Holdin' On" - Billy Livesay
Scene: Plays when Nathan visits his mom at her bar, "Deb's Den."

"Do You Want To Party With Me?" - Bosshouse
Scene: Nathan, Deb and Haley talk at the bar.
"Transform" - Aeon Spoke
Scene: Lucas stops by Peyton's place, and they indulge in an argument about Nathan.

"What It Is To Burn" - Finch
Scene: Heard during the rivercourt scenes in the game between Nathan and Lucas.

"Rest  In Pieces" - Saliva
Scene: Plays after Nathan makes the winning basket.

"Hold You In My Arms" - Ray Lamontagne
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.



EP. # 2.21

"Cats In Heat" - The Honorary Title
Scene: Lucas visits TRIC to talk to Peyton.

"Something's Wrong" - Walkie Talkie
Scene: Brooke and Peyton go shopping and talk about Brooke and Lucas getting closer.

"I Feel Naked Without My Cellphone" - Two Hours Traffic
Scene: Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Tim, Junk, Mouth & Fergie talk at the cafй about what they could do to help Nathan out.

"Scar" - Missy Higgins
Scene: The gang sets up for the movie night at TRIC. Nathan tells Brooke about his dream.

"White Light" - Two Hours Traffic
Scene: Everyone arrives for the movie marathon at TRIC.

"Mixtape" - Butch Walker
Scene: Montage: Lucas and Brooke talk. / Nathan reads the letter from Deb. / Haley looks at a photo of her and Nathan. / Karen looks at pictures of her, Keith and Lucas.

"Sunny Road" - Emiliana Torrini
Scene: Karen emails Keith in one finale attempt to contact him. Brooke goes to TRIC where Lucas is cleaning up from the movie night.

"Lottery" - Damien Jurado
Scene: Nathan talks to Deb on the phone.

"On the 54" - The Dandelions
Scene: Daytona takes Lucas, Nathan and Garrett for a ride on the track.

"Walking With A Ghost" - Tegan and Sara
Scene: Brooke talks to Peyton on the phone. Tegan and Sara continues to play through Brooke's phone conversation until she sees what's in a box she knocked over.

"Overcome" - Better Than Ezra
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 2.22

"So Here We Are" - Bloc Party
Scene: Opening montage of scenes.

"Work" - Jimmy Eat World
Scene: Brooke announces Jimmy Eat World to the stage at TRIC.

"How Love Should Be" - Tyler Hilton
Scene: Lucas & Brooke walk into a hotel room, Chris (Tyler Hilton) is there playing his guitar and singing.

"Polaris" - Jimmy Eat World
Scene: Jimmy Eat World performs at TRIC.

"Can You Sleep?" - Courtney Jaye
Scene: Lucas and Haley say goodbye to each other at the hotel.

"All I Want" - Susie Suh
Scene: Jake has to leave Tree Hill to go find where Nikki took Jenny.

"Hear You Me" - Jimmy Eat World
Scene: Jimmy Eat World performs as a montage of ending scenes play.

EP. # 2.23

"Fight For Your Right (To Party)" - Andrew Paul Woodworth
Scene: Lucas takes a pill, then has a conversation with Brooke.

"The Good Kind" - The Wreckers
Scene: A woman walks into TRIC looking for Peyton, her name is Ellie.

"Petrified To Be God-Like" - Susie Suh
Scene: Peyton gets a weird Instant Message on her computer.

"Cracks In The Sky" - Bosshouse
Scene: Peyton meets up with Ellie at Karen's Cafe.

"The Good Man" - Husky Rescue
Scene: Lucas has a dream about making out with Brooke.

"Be Yourself" - Audioslave
Scene:  A montage of scenes play.

"Wires" - Athlete
Scene: Lucas says goodbye to Brooke for the summer.

"Lavinia" - The Veils
Scene: CODA - Season finale cliffhanger.




EP. # 3.01

"Feeling a Moment" - Feeder
Scene: Opening scenes in a flashback: Dan Scott Motors is up in flames.

"This Side of Heaven" - Matthew Ryan
Scene: Lucas go by Peyton's to tell her about Brooke coming home. Lucas runs into Brooke at the airport while waiting for Karen.

"The Rhythm of Your Breathing" - Trembling Blue Stars
Scene: Lucas brings Brooke flowers and they talk about a "non-exclusive" relationship.

"Nobody's Darlings" - Lucero
Scene: In a flashback, Lucas and Peyton talk in her room about their relationship.

"Light Years Away" - MoZella
Scene: Peyton picks her father up at the pier before heading to the cemetery.

"Simple As It Should Be" - Tristan Prettyman
Scene: Brooke and Mouth talk about their confusing relationships with Lucas and Erika.

"Stars and Boulevards" - Augustana
Scene: Peyton's dad talks to her about her mother and Ellie.

"She's Adorable" - Leif Karate
Scene: Deb and Karen are at the cafй when Haley and Lucas walk in.

"Elsewhere" - Bethany Joy | read the lyrics
Scene: Haley has a flashback to when she performed at the cafй for Nathan. The song continues to play to another flashback of Haley and Nathan on the night before he leaves for High Flyers.

"All Eternal Things" - Trembling Blue Stars
Scene: Brooke ask Haley to move in with her at the apartment. Nathan is in the locker room thinking about reading Haley's letter. Lucas and Peyton walk on the waterfront and talk about her new hair and Ellie.

"Street Map" - Athlete
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 3.02

"Ride" - Faraci
Scene: In attempt to supposedly win back their friendship, Lucas plays Nathan in a game of "one on one" down at the river-court.

"Sunday" - Michelle Featherstone
Scene: Brooke and Lucas talk about their relationship while they put together the bonfire at the beach. / Lucas visits Karen at the cafe and they have an amusing conversation involving the words "woot" and "what-what."

"In-N-Out" - Kingstreet
Scene: End of Summer" beach party -- Tim ask Brooke if they can start burning things for the bonfire.

"You Light Up My Life" - Debby Boone
Scene: The "End of Summer" beach party kicks off after Brooke lights the torch and Peyton plays the first song. / Dan visits the cafй to see Karen.

"Bela Lugosi's Dead" - Bauhaus
Scene: Lucas talks to Peyton at the beach party and tells her what he saw Ellie do earlier that day.

"We Are All On Drugs" - Weezer
Scene: Brooke ask Peyton play something less depressing. / Peyton switches the song,.

"Sugar, We're Going Down" - Fall Out Boy
Scene: Brooke ask Lucas to go skinny dipping with her. / Lucas visits Nathan at the river-court.

"When The Stars Go Blue" - Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz | read the lyrics
Scene: Haley talks to Peyton about how Nathan isn't talking to her, and considering Peyton's bad mood and mixed feelings towards Haley.. she puts "When The Stars Go Blue" on.

"Move Along" - The All-American Rejects
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.

EP. # 3.03

"The Leavers Dance" - The Veils
Scene: Lucas and Haley go through their senior year ambitions they had hid in a box inside of a brick wall on the roof of Karen's Cafй.

"Illuminate" - Radius
Scene: Karen and Larry talk about Ellie & Peyton while having coffee at the cafй.

"Bought and Sold" - Christopher Jak
Scene: Nathan goes to the cafй and talks to Karen about Haley.

"Moonlight on Snow" - Trembling Blue Stars
Scene: Brooke gives Haley the "scrunchie" speech at the apartment.

"This Is For Keeps" - The Spill Canvas
Scene: Nathan tells Haley he's looked into a divorce. Meanwhile, Brooke offers Lucas a "full night" with her.

"Always Love" - Nada Surf
Scene: CODA - end montage of scenes.

EP. # 3.04

"Invincible" - OK Go
Scene: Haley watches Lucas try on costumes for the TRIC Halloween Masquerade party.

"If I Handle You With Care" - Trembling Blue Stars
Scene: Larry walks in on Peyton making angel wings for the party, they talk about Ellie.

"Trondheim" - Tom Freund
Scene: Haley witnesses Lucas taking money from the cafe register. Larry confronts Ellie at her motel room.

"More of the Shame" - Buddy
Scene: This is heard when we see Peyton's 'Angel of Death' costume for the first time.
"Bombs Away" - Paris Texas
Scene: Haley and Brooke arrive at the TRIC masquerade party.

"Girls, Girls, Girls" - Motley Crue
Scene: Lucas walks into TRIC dressed as Tommy Lee.

"She's a Sexy Thing" - Andromeda
Scene: Karen ask Haley if she took money from the cafй.

"I Wanna Move You" - Erica C.
Scene: Nathan and Haley talk after he picks her up from the fall.

"Disco Inferno" - The Trammps
Scene: Peyton and "Mouth" break out into a very "Saturday Night Fever" dance routine.

"Dance, Dance" - Fall Out Boy
Scene: Fall Out Boy performs at TRIC!

"In Your Head" - Rob Grad
Scene: Chris meets with Nathan, and he agrees to help Haley with her music.

"Empty Room" - Marjorie Fair
Scene: CODA - end montage of scenes.

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EP. # 3.05

"TKO" - Le Tigre
Scene: The Ravens cheerleaders do their dance routine at the Midnight Madness game.

"All Over" - The Obscurities
Scene: Lucas and Nathan start a full-out Ravens team fight.

"Play (Clean)" - David Banner
Scene: Rachel tries out for the cheerleading squad.

"Silver Sparkler" - The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up
Scene: Haley talks to Chris at the record store. Nathan and the team practice at the rivercourt.

"There She Goes (Instrumental)" - Radius
Scene: Brooke sees Rachel flirting with Lucas.

"Sleeping Song" - Sebastien Schuller
Scene: Brooke tries to convince Haley to take the final spot on the squad.

"Body 21" - Morningwood
Scene: The girls get ready for the game. Haley shows up at the locker room.

"Rock and Roll Part Two" - Gary Glitter
Scene: Dan introduces the Midnight Madness.

"TKO" - Le Tigre
Scene: The scene repeats of the cheerleaders dance routine at Midnight Madness.

"All Over" - The Obscurities
Scene: The scene repeats of Lucas and Nathan starting a Ravens team fight.
"Vila Rada" - Nikola Sarcevic
Scene: CODA - end montage of scenes.

EP. # 3.06

"1" - Joy Zipper
Scene: The Ravens team has to do suicides, and the cheerleaders have a confrontation at school.

"Coming Back To You" - Black Toast
Scene: Karen shows Deb the new signs for her mayoral election.

"Shadowland" - Youth Group
Scene: The squad watches the boys practice.

"Please, Please, Please" - Shout Out Louds
Scene: The girls scout out the boys at school.

"Vaguely Happy People" - Tommy Fields
Scene: Haley tells Lucas to tell Whitey about his heart condition.

"On Lavender Hill" - The Real Tuesday Weld
Scene: Chris and Haley talk at the cafe about her music and Nathan.

"Premonition" - Careen
Scene: Dan visits the cafe to bother Karen, yet again.

"Sweet Troubled Soul" - Stellastarr*
Scene: The team practice at the gym, Lucas sits it out.

"Boyfriend" - Ashlee Simpson
Scene: The cheerleaders arrive at Brooke & Haley's apartment for the draft.

"This Is The Place" - Jim Kremens
Scene: Lucas and Karen eat dinner at the cafe together and talk about the election.

"All The Time" - Kid Gloves
Scene: The squad drafts the boys.

"Rewind" - Sterophonics
Scene: CODA - end montage of scenes.

EP. # 3.07

"Lifting The Veil From The Braille" - The Dissociatives
Scene: Opening scene - A montage of Brooke, Haley, Nathan and Lucas dreaming.

"Let It Fall" - Bosshouse
Scene: Karen and Deb climb the ladder to ruin Dan's billboard.

"Good As Gold" - Bleach
Scene: Peyton & Mouth take Mal go-karting. Skills and Bevin have their date.

"Your Ghost" - The New Amsterdams
Scene: Lucas & Rachel have their date at the rivercourt. / Nathan and Haley talk on the balcony. / Brooke and Chris toast to her designs, and Karen and Deb get their ladder.

"Missing You" - Tyler Hilton
Scene: Haley talks to Nathan about the song Chris sang on tour.

"Tender" - Feeder
Scene: CODA - Ending montage of scenes.